Cameron Lee began his journey as a dancer about 21 years ago in his hometown of Seattle, WA when he was 4. His mom owned a dance studio, so he was basically born into the dance world. He transitioned to hip hop around the age of 13 and has been in love with it ever since. Lee moved to LA in 2008 and has been working as a dancer and a choreographer since then.

Lee was the Assistant Choreographer and dancer with Andre Fuentes for Taiwanese pop artist Zhang Hui Mei (AMEI), setting choreography in her next tour (Utopia) and recently choreographed two music videos for her.

Lee was also a dancer and choreographer for Taiwanese artist Jay Chou, choreographing alongside Tricia Miranda for Elva, another female vocalist from Taiwan. Lee has previously been a dancer for Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, and Kimberly Cole. As a child, he worked professionally doing many commercial and industry jobs. He performed in the Skechers Industrial Show with Brian Friedman, as well as commercial work with Heinz Ketchup, Blue Cross, McDonalds, Quaker Oats, and US Bank. He is now more focused on teaching, which is where his passion stands. This past year, Lee completed a teaching tour in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, Argentina, Guam, and throughout the U.S. Lee also teaches at Millennium Dance Complex and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio.