emerging artist choreographic festival

Our Emerging Artists Choreographic Festival is one of the major parts that sets us apart from other conventions and competitions.  The choreographic festival is about more than the dancers on stage, but rather provides the opportunity for new and young choreographers to showcase their artistry, technique, movement, and vision.

This is ideal for pre-professionals, working professionals, and student choreographers that are always searching for a creative outlet to express their point of view.  Selected faculty will personally adjudicate festival entries by giving feedback, critiques, suggestions, and support for each entry submitted. Entries to the EACF are not based off a point system, rather our industry professionals will deliberate after all performances and choose the top winners from each location.

fees and registration

  • Choreographer submitting must be between ages 16-22

  • $50 submission fee for EACH piece

  • All submissions must be complete a minimum of 60 days prior to the event.

  • The $50 adjudication fees will go towards your performers fees.

  • If piece is accepted to perform during festival, an additional fee will apply for the entry. Fees below are per dancer.

    • Solos - $90​

    • Duo/Trio - $40

    • Small group and larger -$30

  • All submissions will receive an initial confirmation, and no later than 30 days prior to the event an acceptance or decline email will be sent.

  • Performers are required to attend the convention weekend

  • When we are accepting submissions, you will find an application at the bottom of this page.

  • Each group or individual may submit up to two pieces for consideration; however, the TOTAL performance time limit for each group will be 15 minutes.

  • BellaMoxi’s acceptance of pieces is limited and we are searching for the highest level of performance, innovation, artistry, and technique for our festival event. The application process is very competitive and we ask that all applicants submit early and meet all eligibility requirements. 


  • Winners at each event will receive a plaque and an exclusive video interview to be shared on the BellaMoxi website.  

  • All festival winners from each location will have their videos sent to Peridance, where they will select one overall winner that will perform their piece at the Peridance Gala in NYC.  BellaMoxi will award this overall winner a $500 cash prize to go towards travel to NYC for the performance!  

  • All festival performances will receive written adjudication from our select faculty that may be picked up Sunday after 12 noon of the event weekend.


festival requirements

  • All performing groups and individuals MUST be registered for the Convention TWO (2) WEEKS prior to the day of the event or the piece is disqualified.

  • Each group or individual may submit up to two works for adjudication.

  • All performers must fall within the age requirements — Pre-Professional students (ages 16-22), College dancers, or Professional dancers. All performers must be registered for the proper age division of the festival.

  • The total time allotted for each group must not exceed 15 minutes.

  • Minimal production and lighting cues will be available due to the venue.

  • BellaMoxi reserves the rights to video and photograph throughout the festival for promotional purposes.

  • As a professional courtesy to peers, BellaMoxi asks that all performers, guests, and audience members stay for the duration of the Festival.

  • BellaMoxi wants to remind all submitting performers and choreographers that the EACF is a family event and we ask that all works take into account the audience that will be present.

  • No video or photography allowed during the performance.


All music must be uploaded to each routine 1 week prior to the event.