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BellaMoxi Corps Application

briefly answer the following questions

1. How do you as a dancer feel that you personally represent the BellaMoxi mission of versatility in training and performance?

2. Describe one pioneer in the world of dance that you feel has impacted you the most in your dance training and future goals.

3. If accepted, what does being a BellaMoxi Corps Dancer mean to you?

4. What do you feel is your biggest strength and your biggest weakness when it comes to dance?

Please provide the following of links of yourself in order:

1. YouTube or Vimeo link for one style of dance.

2. YouTube or Vimeo link for second style of dance.

3. Link to arabesque photo.

4.  Link to headshot.

5.  Link to dance resume.

(If you have any issues, please email links to

liability release form and regulations

  • All music, choreography, costumes, and any other information obtained at BellaMoxi is for BellaMoxi use ONLY. Violation of this nondisclosure agreement in any way will result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the BellaMoxi Corps Program.

  •  Accepted Corps Dancers will NOT perform solos at Regional competitions for scoring. However, assistants CAN perform in duet/trio and group pieces with their home school.

  •  BellaMoxi provides FREE tuition and admission for accepted Corps Dancers; however, BellaMoxi does NOT cover excess expenses (I.E. travel, lodging, food, clothing, etc.) unless otherwise specified. This is subject to change in cities wherein the customer attendance does not meet BellaMoxi’s minimum requirement.

  •  All accepted Corps Dancers are required to follow the guidelines of the BellaMoxi conduct, etiquette, and dress code policy stated in the BellaMoxi Handbook.

  •  ALL Corps Dancers are considered a representative and required to work for BellaMoxi for the duration of the weekend. Along with assisting faculty during class, all Corps Dancers are required to work competitions, festivals, and in any additional areas that the BellaMoxi staff needs assistant.

  •  All Corps Dancers are required to provide a NON-REFUNDABLE tour deposit. This deposit will cover all additional tour costs related to the Corps dancers.

  •  All accepted Corps Dancers are agreeing to a ONE-YEAR term with BellaMoxi. Corps Dancers are required to fulfill a minimum requirement of performances, conventions, events, etc. for the term. All Corps Dancers are eligible for applying as a Corps Dancer for the following year.

  •  Accepted BellaMoxi Corps Dancers are NOT to be employed by another convention or competition for a similar position while under the ONE-YEAR term with BellaMoxi. However, all Corps Dancers are able to attend and perform at any other competition and convention with home school.

  •  Accepted Corps Dancers are REQUIRED to take a WEEKLY MINIMUM of 7 hours of technique classes (ballet, jazz, modern, tap) at home school/area. Corps Dancers are REQUIRED to attend a MINIMUM of 5 BellaMoxi locations.

  •  BellaMoxi considers the Corps Dancer Program to be an opportunity for dancers that are training for success at the professional level. However, BellaMoxi considers the weekly training and commitment of their Corps Dancers at their home school to be ESSENTIAL for the success of a training dancer. Therefore, the commitment at the home school comes FIRST. BellaMoxi requests written consent from the home school or studio director/owner for the dancer to be a part of the Corps Program upon acceptance.

  •  Communication from BellaMoxi will mainly consist of email and phone correspondence. BellaMoxi will keep all dancers informed prior to each event.

  •  All Corps Dancers are to know ALL choreography from faculty at all times. Demonstration will be asked of Corps Dancers at the faculty member’s discretion. Corps Dancers are expected to be respectful to ALL faculty, staff, and attendees of BellaMoxi.

  •  ANY social media posts of pictures or content MUST be representative of BellaMoxi’s moral standards at ALL TIMES. Pictures with BellaMoxi gear, faculty, or attendees must be appropriate and positively represent the company. ANY post or picture deemed inappropriate or damaging to the BellaMoxi Company will be removed immediately and may result in dismissal of the Corps Dancer.

As custodial parent or guardian I hereby authorize the chaperone listed below and the Directors and employees of BellaMoxi LLC to take my child to any hospital emergency room (for treatment), without first obtaining my consent in the event my child is sick, hurt, or in need of medical attention, and it is impracticable or impossible for the below named chaperone or a representative of BellaMoxi LLC to get in touch with me prior to obtaining medical attention for my child. I do further release and absolve BellaMoxi LLC, its directors, employees, and contractors from any liability as a result of obtaining such medical treatment for my child. Further, I authorize the doctor or doctors, nurses, hospital, or emergency room of any hospital to render the treatment necessary for the illness, sickness, or injury of my child who is brought to such institution for treatment by the above named chaperones, or by any director, employee or other representative of BellaMoxi LLC. I have provided my student’s chaperone with the appropriate insurance information in the unlikely event of an injury that would require emergency treatment. I fully understand by typing my name below and submitting this form that the participant registered above will be engaged in intense physical activity that contains the inherent risk of physical injury. Knowing that fact, I release and agree to hold harmless BellaMoxi LLC, its directors, employees, contractors, and event hosts from any liability for personal injury or property damage while the participant is enrolled. Enrollment and participation are the sole risk of participants and legal guardian. Typing your name below is agreeing to above all mentioned items and information listed below regarding expectations and will serve as your electronic signature for this form.

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