2021 season plan



The BellaMoxi team has been hard at work putting into place precautions and guidelines for the 2021 Vision Forward Tour. We realize that it is difficult for studio owners to make plans in a time of uncertainty but we want you to know that we have put together a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of all attendees first and foremost. We want the BellaMoxi community to feel 100% confident in the efforts put forth below. Keep in mind that all regulations will continue to be updated as changes happen both locally and Nationally, and please keep in mind that mask requirements and number of attendees may vary by location and the local mandates. In an ideal World, we won’t have need for these regulations if the COVID-19 clears up by the start of the season.  

general information

  • Masks will be required by all attendees when in main entrances and need to be worn until you have entered a classroom or are not in a main area.  Masks may be removed for dancing in the classroom. Masks are not required on stage when performing nor backstage at check-in.  Backstage managers will ensure social distancing between studio groups and will limit the number of check-ins to be backstage. (Mask policy may vary by location and local mandates.)

  • All balances must be paid prior to attending event to cut down on contact at the registration desk check-in.  We will have all packets laid out at the registration desk the evening before the event starts and the morning of the event.  We ask that you pick up packets in advance to distribute to your dancers outside of the lobby area as no congregating will be allowed. 

  • We are working with the venues to ensure frequent cleaning.  

  • All on-site payments and/or purchases must be made via credit card.

  • BellaMoxi staff will receive temperature checks daily and our staff will administer temperature checks prior to dancers entering classes in the morning and before competition. 

  • If any dancers, teachers, parents, or attendees have been sick in the previous 24 hours we ask that you do not attend.

  • There will be a COVID-19 waiver to be signed prior to attending event.

  • It is not a requirement, but BellaMoxi does recommend being tested or having the anti-body test for COVID prior to attending any event. 


covid refund and payment policy

  • BellaMoxi Dance is planning on having all events in person for the 2021 season.

  • Payments must be made 30 days prior to event. 

  • If due to COVID-19 regulations we are forced to cancel the in-person event we will host a virtual convention and competition at a discounted rate. The different of the fees will be refunded to the studio in a timely manner for those that registered for 2021.  If you registered in 2020, a credit will remain on the account for the difference.

  • If any 2021 event is canceled in it's entirety due to COVID-19, a full refund will be issued in a timely manner. 

  • All cancellations from the 2020 Tour Dates were issued credits to use on the 2021 tour.  If you need assistance with this on your account, please email us. 

  • If any event is canceled due to COVID 19 by BellaMoxi, and you registered in 2020 your balance will remain as a credit. 


  • Temperatures will be checked for each age division prior to entering classroom. 

  • All BellaMoxi Staff, Faculty, and Production will have temperature checked daily.

  • There will be no morning warm-up.

  • Dancers must wear masks to enter classroom, and may remove after temperature is checked and in the classroom.

  • Dancers will remain in the same classroom throughout the day.

  • It is at the discretion of the faculty member if they will wear a mask when teaching. 

  • Bring your own water and water bottle as there will be no water stations in each room. 

  • Space will be limited to a certain number of dancers for each location. 

  • No observers will be allowed in the classroom.  One teacher for each studio may be present. 

  • If the event takes place in person as we are hoping, a live stream of a classroom will be available to those registered for the event weekend in case they do not want to take class in the room, but do want to compete on site.


  • All music must be uploaded to registration prior to attending the event.  We will NOT be collecting CD's or playing music from cell phones.  If you need assistance with this, please email our team at info@bellamoxi.com.

  • There will be a livestream of competition.

  • Limited seating will be available for competition based on local regulations and guidelines.

  • A live update of the schedule will be available on your phone to receive the most up to date performance times.

  • We are working with venues to make accommodations for larger dressing rooms and/or limiting the number of people in the space.

  • Dedicated staff for backstage social distancing for competition check in.

  • Dancers are not required to wear a mask on stage while performing, nor backstage at check in. 


  • There will be no award ceremony or in-person closing show on Sunday.

  • There will be a live stream of the awards and performances from our faculty and corps. 

  • All awards and scholarships may be picked up Sunday after 11a and will be separated by studio.  Please do not review scores or packets until after the live stream of the closing show at 4p on Sunday.

  • If COVID regulations are lifted, we will resume our awards and closing show as normal.